Big Film and TV Series Projects are Coming to Borsa İstanbul – News

Movies and TV series will be made available to the public on the stock exchange.

It has been officially announced that Turkish TV series and films will go public in Borsa Istanbul. It is stated that there will be a reduction in corporate tax for publicly available productions. According to the new economic reforms, the shares of discount institutions will be offered to the public. In this context, besides large companies, large-scale film and TV series projects will take their place in Borsa Istanbul.

Within the scope of the reform package, companies will be offered to the public in Borsa Istanbul. According to another detail, successful movie and series projects can be traded on the stock exchange. If publicly-held corporations are requested at a rate of 20%, a two-point corporate tax reduction will be made. The aim of the reform package will be to facilitate the public offering of companies. Thus, movies and TV series will be able to be operated on the stock exchange. The reform package was rearranged and presented according to the comments received by the Profits Administration. In order to benefit from this discount to be made in Borsa İstanbul, the shares must be offered to the public for the first time after 17 November 2020 and must be open to at least 20% of the offer.

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