Interview Video From “A Quiet Place 2” Has Been Shared! News

A new video of A Quiet Place 2 starring Emily Blunt has been released.

A new video of A Quiet Place 2, the sequel of A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, was shared. In the interview video, director Krasinski talks about the excitement of returning to theaters with A Quiet Place 2. He adds that the movie was designed to be watched in the movie theater. Emily Blunt talks about how the world of the movie has expanded and how they have moved to different locations.

We stepped into an apocalyptic world in the movie A Silent Place, which appeared before the audience in theaters in 2018. In the film, which is almost completely silent, with only monster voices and small voices full of tension, we are a guest of the life of a family that tries to survive by escaping from creatures. However, in the first movie, the father of the family, Lee Abbott, passed away. Evelyn Abbott continued her struggle for survival with her newborn baby and two other children. In A Quiet Place 2, we will see the Abbott family open up to the world. They will meet new characters and go on new adventures.

Emily Blunt in the cast of A Quiet Place 2, Noah Skirt and Millicent Simmondsbesides Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou It has two star names like. John Krasinski both wrote and directed the film. If among the producers Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, and John Krasinski.

June 4 was marked on the calendars for the vision date of A Quiet Place 2, which has been struggling to be screened in theaters for a long time.

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