Russell Crowe stars in thriller ‘Poker Face’! News

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe will star in Poker Face, a thriller directed by Gary Fleder. The screenplay was penned by Stephen M. Coates. Crowe stars as tech billionaire Jake, who rallies his childhood friends at his Miami estate to organize a high-stakes poker game.

These friends have both a loving and hateful relationship with their host, who is a master actor / planner. He has drawn up a detailed plan designed to settle all of them and bring justice to all that they deserve. But Jake is forced to rethink his strategy and begin a new plan when his Miami mansion is taken over by a dangerous house invader whose previous jobs resulted in murder and arson.

Arclight Films finances and takes over the production. The producers will be Gary Hamilton, Addam Bramich, Ryan Hamilton, Jeanette Volturno, Jason Clark and Keith Rodger. The rest of the cast of the film will be announced later, but according to rumors, a few more influential names will join the cast of Crowe.

Oscar-winning actor Crowe most recently starred in the road-rage thriller Unhinged. Although the movie was not very popular, Crowe managed to get a passing grade again. The actor will be seen in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder recently and recently finished filming The Georgetown Project. The movie will be on show this year.

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